Searching for Humanity

Searching for Humanity
2 min 31 s

Searching for Humanity on Suomalais-Meksikolaisen taidekollektiivin toteuttama performanssi osana Visual Catalyst taidetyöpajaa helmikuussa 2020 Tolucassa, Meksikossa.

With the same sincere curiosity of a cat, different ways of living could be found in our society. While being blindfolded in the darkness with only instincts as your company, there is the need to find something essential.

By awaking this child-like experimenting and discovering in people, the passive and conservative thinking of our society could be altered. As a discovery the essential solutions which might bee too obviously in front of us could be found again to make the necessary change.

After all the consequences of climate change and actions of people, nature will have the ability to recover and reform itself like in Chernobyl. After Chernobyl disaster for the last 30 years nature has started to thrive because of the absence of humans. Even though nature would have the ability to recover, is mankind able to get though these changes or is the evolution going to start from the beginning? And is the inevitable solution to recovery of nature going to be the absence of humans?

Searching for Humanity is a performance made by Finnish-Mexican art collective part of the Visual Catalysts workshop in february 2020 in Toluca, Mexico.

Taidekollektiivin jäsenet / Members of the art collective:

Miriam De La Cruz
Janna Lindfors
Aranza Ramírez
Dhamar Romero
Sebastian Sanchez
Dani Vega

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