Community Art Project in Me-talo

Me-talo is a community center for people living in the area of Multisilta and Peltolammi in Tampere. Me-talo arranges activities and place to spend time for children, but also social services for adults. The meaning of Me-talo is to support the wellbeing of people in the area, by providing these free services and bringing people together.

Every Thursday about twenty citizens of Multisilta and Peltolammi get together in Me-talo, eat together, talk and play some bingo. The place seems like an amazing opportunity to be social and meet other people. The feeling of a community can be felt after entering from the front door, when people are chatting and having nice time together.

I went to my first adults Thursday in the beginning of November 2020. My role in my community art project was to interview people in Me-talo. I wanted to record their childhood memories, something personal from their everyday life.

Read the Zine about the working process and the outcome of the community art project in Me-talo. The Zine also includes the stories translated in English.

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